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Why Is Christmas Bounce House the Best Christmas Gift for Kids

Christmas is around the corner, which is the time when parents plan to prepare gifts for their kids. However, finding a perfect gift that kids love is difficult, especially when many fun toys surround kids. Instead of purchasing toy cars, dolls, stationery and other boring gifts, you should find something that brings kids fun and benefits them. Then, purchasing a Christmas bounce house will never go wrong because it is good for children and allows kids to have fun with a lot of  fun games to play in a  bounce house. 


Why a Bounce House is the Best Christmas Gift

  • Many benefits brought by a bounce house. A bounce house can help develop kids’ social skills when interacting with other companions and build a strong body when bouncing around.
  • A big discount. Many bounce house manufacturers offer Christmas deals, allowing families to save a lot for a Christmas bounce house. For example, discounts on bounce houses from Action Air go up to 40% off. 
  • A unique gift. A Christmas bounce house is a novel and interesting gift, which will surprise kids and bring them a lot of fun during the boring winter. Let’s see what games they can play in a bounce house.

Christmas bounce house


Games That Kids Can Play in a Christmas Bounce House Party

  • Group Jumping Competition

One of the fantastic bounce house games is arranging a group jumping competition between the children and letting them jump in a bounce house. The group that jumps higher will win the game. The losing group can be given a dare, while the winning group can be awarded some candies or cool food. 

  • Music Freeze Rebound

Music freeze rebound is a game that kids are hard to say no to. You can either make up your own "freeze song" or use one from YouTube. This is how the game works: kids should dance or jump or the Christmas bounce house until they hear a call "Freeze." The players must stay still for as long as they can without falling; however, this is challenging because kids struggle to stabilize in the bounce house due to their bouncing. Make older kids freeze on one leg or act silly if this is too simple.

  • Shooting Game

This is a straightforward and incredibly entertaining one among bounce house games. Simply place a softball—or any other soft object, for that matter—in the middle of the bounce house, and let the kids jump around in it. Avoiding being struck by the ball is the goal of the game. The person still standing after being struck by the ball is declared the winner. To keep the game going, players can try to jump in such a way that the ball strikes their opponents, even though they must always be moving. To add more fun to the game, it is also recommendable to add more softballs steadily when they move. 

  • Simon Says Games

The only thing that makes this well-known game different is that playing it on a bounce house makes it both sillier and more difficult. The other children copy exactly what the person playing "Simon" says as they call out various instructions beginning with "Simon says to..." The trick is that they are not supposed to follow instructions when "Simon" doesn't begin them with "Simon says to..." If they do, the child is eliminated, and the winner and subsequent "Simon" is the last person standing.

bounce house game

What Christmas Bounce Houses Are Worthy Purchasing

With so many bounce house games, children can always have fun without going outside. Speaking of purchasing a Christmas-themed bounce house, people should consider the purpose and function of the bounce house apart from the cost.

  • From using purpose: Backyard bounce house vs. commercial bounce house. Comparatively, a backyard bounce house is worth buying on Christmas, which can meet the needs of holding a bounce house party and is more cost-effective than the commercial one.

  • From the aspect of function: Single function vs. multi-function bounce house. Since a multi-function bounce house (combo bounce house) usually comes with interesting games to play in a bounce house, such as ball games and slides, which is undoubtedly a good pick for Christmas gifts. More importantly, kids will never get tired of it, with many fascinating games to explore. 

Where to Purchase a Christmas bounce house?

To get the most affordable indoor bounce house, go for Action Air. It is where you can buy novel Christmas gifts for children with guaranteed quality bounce houses, such as the princess bouncy castle, the unicorn inflatable castle, etc. Action Air offers the best discount of up to 40% on Christmas for families that desire a residential bounce house and water slide for fun. 

Let’s get creative bounce house party ideas from Action Air with a Christmas bounce house. If you miss this Christmas deal, you need to wait for the next year for the best discount!