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How to blow up a bounce house safely and easily

When choosing a bounce house, you need to consider several things to ensure it suits you:

  1. You need to know how to maintain the inflatable. Maintenance helps to make products long-lasting.
  2. It would help if you considered the rules for using the inflatable to avoid any unprecedented damage.
  3. You must ensure that it comes with good accessories that help with maintenance or add more fun.

When it comes to inflatables, the air blower is the most integral accessory since it's the first thing you will need to inflate the bounce house and waterslide. In this article, I will guide you on how to blow up a house safely and easily.

Introduction to blower

A blower, as the name suggests, is a device that helps blow air into inflatables. It uses electric energy to produce high-pressure air through its propellers which are then directed to inflate any inflatable. 

The package includes a UL-certified blower when you buy an inflatable like a bounce house or a water slide.

This UL-certified blower has a flat bracket, it is recommended to use ground pegs (included in the inflatable product package) to fix before the blower starts to work. After fixing, connect the air hose of the bounce house or water slide to the air outlet of the blower. Let it start working!

It is also equipped with a waterproof power button which is very useful given the environment these inflatables are usually set. The air blower features a GFCI plug that shuts power in case it detects an electrical fault. This plug helps to protect the person maintaining or children playing around the bounce house. Lastly, UL certified blower with 25ft power cord that connects to the socket.

 When blowing up inflatables, you may notice air leaking from all seams. There is no cause for alarm since this protective measure prevents over-inflating. Your product is perfectly fine.

Action Air air blower

Step to blow up your bounce house

  1. Clean the ground of any sharp objects: Clear the ground of any sharp objects that may cause damage to your inflatable—things like rocks, sticks, metals, or strong plastics. Also, ensure no trees or power lines are close to enhance your safety.
  1. unroll bouncer: Once you get rid of the sharp objects, now you need to unroll the bounce house. Set up away from water and any potential fire hazards.
  1. Connect the air hose to the blower: Slide your tarp on and connect the bounce house to the blower. Please don't turn it on yet, until you complete the next step.
  1. Ensure the air hose is straight: Sometimes, the hose can entangle itself due to its flexibility. You need to ensure it's straight so the air can reach the inflatable swiftly.
  1. Ground support stakes are used for lawn ground surfaces. Hook stakes over loops in the bouncer. To prevent overturn of lift during play,puch stakes firmly into the soil.
  1. Connect power & Turn on the blower: Plugin the power cord into a power source and turn it on to initiate the blowing process.
  1. Blow up! Bouncer & slide inflate in around 3 min: Once everything is all set and done, wait until it blows up for three minutes. Have fun!
Step to blow up bounce house

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