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Action Air

At Action Air by Swiftech was established in 2003 with the aim to launch and develop new playgrounds inflatables. Since 2003, we have designed more than 1000 items and over 1 million pieces of inflatable products sold in 67 countries around the world.Safe, affordable, easy to set up and fold up, convenient to store, Action Air high quality products allow children to have their own private water park that they can enjoy for the whole seasons.Children love to jump, climb, slide and bounce! Action Air allow children’s ultimate jumping drams to come true.

Our Goal


At Action Air by swifter, we strive to develop products that stimulate children's physical, creative, social and emotional development without compromising on fun play!

Develop Social skills

We allow children to develop social skills through playing together in a group. They learn by sharing. competing and role playing. Group play helps teach them to collaborate and coordinate through physical interaction.

Great Value & Inexpensive

We provide high quality inflatable products at on affordable price. We want every family to be able enjoy these products and safely put their children in a Action Air product.


All products appearing in the catalogue are Swiftech’s original designs and they are subjects to intellectual property right protection. Swiftech will strenuously enfore all the rights against any person or entity that infringes any of our rights.

Company Name: Swiftech Company Ltd.

Address: Dongcheng Industrial Zone,Xinping Road,Minzhong Town,Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province,China

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