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Choose a Bounce House for Kids as a Screen-Free Activity

Digital addiction has become a real threat to kids in this modern era. Most children spend excessive time in front of screens, ending up sleep-deprived and stressed, which is even more serious during the COVID pandemic. The first global review of research shows that the time primary school children spend on screen activities has increased by an extra hour and 20 minutes a day on average during this pandemic. The ultimate solution for this electronic dependence is to engage them in healthy activities like arranging a bounce house for kids. If you want to find safe screen-free alternatives to keep children active and busy at home, let’s discover the most popular solutions for children to engage in useful stuff.

Bounce House activity versus electron dependence

The Most Popular Screen-Free Activities That Kids Would Love! 

Outdoor activities are highly recommended to boost a child’s physical and mental health, allowing children to fight boredom and strengthen their bodies. Here are some child-friendly screen-free activities that kids would love to try.

Play on the Slide 

Sliding is a fun activity that triggers happiness and excitement. Every child savors the joy of playing on the slide. Apart from having fun, children can learn how to balance and coordinate their bodies and, more importantly, be more confident and determined by overcoming their fear of falling. 

Play Ball Games

Kids love to play with balls as it sparks creativity in their minds. Also, this activity brings many benefits, such as improving kids’ attention and hand-eye coordination, flexibility, endurance, and even language and social skills. These skills benefiting from playing ball games are shown to have a positive effect on promoting a healthy body for children. 

Make Bouncing Motion

Rolling and bouncing is an enjoyable repetitive activity that soothes and stimulates children’s nerves. A bounce house for kids not only provides an excellent solution for kids to jump and bounce with joy but also encourages balance, coordination, and strength.

Play Water Games

A water fight is an incredibly refreshing pleasure that allows children to practice social skills by playing together. It keeps them busy spraying water and laughing for hours. On a blistering summer day, playing water games is, beyond doubt, an ideal solution for fun.


Climbing is a healthy activity playing a key role in developing children’s sports skills in the early stage. Research from Play Core found that climbing at a young age is conducive to developing balance and agility. Thus, climbing is a beneficial activity that can consume children’s excess energy while keeping them away from screen activities.

The Solution That Kids Can Have Fun with the Above Screen-Free Activities

Wondering how kids can have fun with all the above Screen-Free activities? A multi functional bounce house for kids is an all-in-one solution for a child's fun requirements. It creates a private park to enjoy fun-filled activities at home. Also, playing in a group helps teach children to collaborate and support each other. Our Shark Club Water Slide enables children to enjoy all the above mentioned activities while staying safe. Read below to discover more about this amazing bounce house for kids. 

Action Air Shark Club Water Slide

Our Shark Club Inflatable Water Slide is a versatile bounce house for fun and summer sports. It includes a fun tunnel, water ball pool, toss game, water sprayer, water cannon, and an amazing climb. With this multi functional bounce house, kids can enjoy climbing walls, sliding, tossing games, and spraying water on each other. Let’s explore other features of this bounce house for kids. 

Key Features

l  Simple to set up and inflates easily within 3 minutes

l  Heavy-duty commercial grade material with strong stitches to avoid puncture

l  Tough ground stakes to hold the inflatable to the ground

l  Recommended for kids from 3 to 10 years old

l  The maximum weight limit is 300 lbs

l  Accommodates a maximum of 3 to 4 kids at a time

 Action Air shark club wet & dry water slide

Where to Buy Bounce Houses 

Wondering where to buy a high-quality bounce house for kids? Action Air is your ultimate stop shop. We aim to enhance children's physical, social, and creative skills without compromising fun. Besides the product mentioned above, We have a variety of bounce houses that are sought-after on the market. Here are the reasons why our bounce houses stand out:

 l  Easy Handling: All our items are exceptionally easy to set up. Just three-step operation: Set up, Play, & Fold them right away 

l  Safety: Our hand-vetted products are properly crafted considering children’s careless approach to ensure the highest levels of safety.

l  Copyright Protection: All original product designs are subject to copyright protection.

 Are you ready to buy a reliable bounce house for kids? Contact us to surprise your customers with high-quality, safe inflatables like never before!