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Make Back-to-School Exciting with the Perfect Bounce House Gift

Are you planning to buy a novel back-to-school gift for your kid? Choosing the right gift can be a great idea to motivate your child's performance in the new term. You might have bought new toys and other such things for your kid, but children are likely to get bored after some time with toys and indoor activities. All considered, throwing a bounce house party in your garden to surprise your kids with their friends is a go-to option. Thus, you can buy the best bounce house as an innovative gift that almost every child would love.


Why Is Bounce House the Best Back-to-School Gift for Kids

A bounce house is the perfect back-to-school gift for children, allowing kids to relax after school and play exciting games with friends and parents. If you still doubt whether a bounce house is a worthy investment, consider the benefits brought by the best bounce house for kids. 

  •  A superior bounce house allows kids to play outside in the fresh air without getting injured. 
  • A bounce house for kids creates a lively social environment so that multiple kids can have a blast at a time.
  • A bounce house offers kids a chance to exercise, promoting their muscle and bone growth.
  • Children enjoy fantastic fun and physical activities, staying away from screens. 


Top Bounce Houses As the Back-to-School Gift

Bounce houses are an innovative way to provide pleasure and entertainment for toddlers to teens. Since the best bounce house comes in various shapes and sizes, your ultimate choice hinges on your kids’ interests. So let’s explore the two awesome types of bounce houses and our top recommendations for the best bounce house from Action Air.


1. Dry Bounce House-Action Air Bounce House Jungle Giraffe With Slide

A dry bounce house has an inflatable wall and a straightforward structure, which can be applied to any scenario, both indoors and outdoors. Plus, it is easy to use and store for a long time due to being dry.

Action Air Bounce House Jungle Giraffe With Slide is one of the most attractive dry bounce houses, offering a fantastic bounce house party for children. It consists of a basketball hoop, a long slide, and a dark tunnel, adding extra pleasure and fun to kids. With such a multi-functional bounce house, kids can enjoy crawling, bouncing, sliding, and much more.  


Key Features:

  •  Easy to inflate and take down
  •  Heavy-duty material with reliable stitches
  • Ideal for kids ranging from 3 to 10 years old
  • The weight limit is 400 lbs
  • Maximum 4 kids can play at a time
  • Suitable for domestic use

 Bounce House Jungle Giraffe With Slide


2. Wet Bounce House-Action Air Shark Club Water Slide   

A wet bounce house has a water hose, allowing children to play with water guns, sprinklers, and water spray. Also, it features a splash pool and water slides to let kids slide toward the pool, serving as ideal summer entertainment.
Our cartoon shark inflatable water slide is one of the highly recommended wet bounce houses for kids, which easily grabs kids’ attention with the cute shark shape. It creates a water park with a long slide, water cannon, climbing wall, and tunnels for children so that they don’t need to go outside to enjoy the water activities. With ample space offered by our Shark Club Water Slide, children can crawl, climb, and enjoy water games. At the same time, the Shark Club water slide bounce house also supports wet and dry use. In colder seasons, you can also have a bounce house party.


Key Features:

  • Support wet and dry use
  • Commercial grade stuff and strong stitches to prevent puncture
  • The maximum weight tolerance is 200 lbs.
  • A maximum of 4 kids are allowed.

 shark club waterslide


Buy the Best Bounce House as Back-to-School Gift from Action Air 

If you want to buy a perfect back-to-school gift to fascinate children, the best bounce house from Action Air is your first choice. We provide a variety of high-quality bounce houses which can improve children's social, creative, and physical development. With our bounce houses, kids will admire a memorable experience with their favorite activities!

  • Here are what we can offer:Safety: Children are careless and usually hurt themselves when playing. We always pay heed to children’s safety when developing bounce houses. Our bounce houses are equipped with safety nets so that children can have a good time without being injured.
  • Quality Material: Any subpar material can affect your child's health. This is the reason why we prioritize premium quality materials with smooth finishes to deal with germs effectively. Our bounce houses are made of high-quality, high-strength oxford fabric with excellent sewing technology.
  • Unique Appearance: All bounce houses belong to our original designs; on top of that, our highly qualified teams craft the best bounce houses to further revamp your house aesthetics.
If you want to invest in affordable and durable entertainment for kids, don’t hesitate. Now, you can purchase quality inflatable houses at an amazing discount with a $20 bonus if your order is above $200 (For New Sign up Members). Also, you can enjoy free shipping if you are based in the US. Contact us to get the best bounce house.