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An Easy Guide on How to Properly Patch a Bounce House

A premium castle bounce house is durable, allowing children to relish the joy for quite a long time. Nevertheless, even the best bounce house may be cut or torn without proper protection and maintenance. If you come across the same problem, this is quite common. Instead of throwing the bounce house away and purchasing a new one, it’s more recommendable to fix it. So, here we will help you define potential behaviors that may damage your bounce house and give you some useful tips to patch a bounce house when it is torn.


Pay Heed to These Behaviors that May Damage Your Bounce House

When people notice a cut or tear on their bounce houses, their first thought may be that this piece is not superb enough. This could be the reason, but there are also some potential behaviors damaging their bounce houses that people may neglect. Here list some of the common examples.

l  Set up a castle bounce house without removing debris, such as branches, stones, and sharp objects from the ground, causing a puncture.

l  Drag and rub the castle bounce house on the ground.

l  Carry sharp objects when children play in a bounce house.

l  Lack timely cleaning, which causes corrosion from mold.

l  Without paying attention to the weight and number restrictions of the castle bounce house, resulting in an overload of the bounce house.

 Incorrect use

How to Patch a Bounce House Properly

In the worst situation that your castle bounce house gets a cut or tear despite your good protection, what to deal with the torn castle bounce house? Don’t worry; you can still get your bounce house repaired with the proper methods. Without further ado, let’s see how to fix a bounce house.

Steps to Patch a Bounce House Properly

Before patching your castle bounce house, please ensure you have all those materials ready: scissors, a patch (optional), and a repair kit. Next, you can apply the following steps to patch your bounce house.

Step1: Clean the Area to Be Patched

Dirt and debris can affect the patching effect. To avoid secondary damage, the top priority is to clean the dirt and remove the debris in the area that needs patching. This step is always neglected while playing a vital role in ensuring the effect of patching.

Step2: Stitch Along the Length of the Tear

After the cleaning process, it's time to stitch the tear. There are two different methods, depending on where the tear is. For repairs to a rip in the castle, you can select the correct color thread from your repair kit and stitch along the length of the tear. After that, you can sew a patch over the stitching for better protection, while this is optional.

 For a split in the seam, it is recommendable to choose the correct color thread from the repair kit and sew along the seam. In this situation, no patch is required. However, it should be noted that the stitching must be tied off no matter which method you use. Otherwise, the patching performance will be affected.

How to Prevent Cut and Tear of the Bounce House

After reading the guide on patching a castle bounce house, you may get the hang of proper patching. Although it’s not difficult to patch a bounce house, it still takes you some time and effort. To reduce the risk of torn bounce houses, storing the Action Air bounce houses properly, paying attention to the abovementioned negative behaviors, and choosing a bounce house of high quality can help.



Action Air bounce houses are made of premium materials that can reduce the likelihood of cuts and tears. Besides that, we offer professional suggestions on maintaining the castle bounce house for a longer lifespan. Contact us to buy a bounce house for kids, allowing your kids to enjoy a wonderful journey! 

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