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FAQs about Action Air

1. What is the package includes?

The package includes: Bouncer, Heavy Duty Air Blower, Carrying Bag, Repair Patches, and User Manual.

2. How do you use repair patches?

You can sew the rip area with needle and thread using the repair patches in the box.

3. Does the blower has to run continuously all the time during fun?

The blower has to run continuously for inflation.

4. What material is this bouncy house?

Our bouncy house made of high-strength oxford fabric with excellent sewing technology, with thick and huge jumping and sliding areas.

5. How to store the bouncy house, is it easy to carry?

The package you receive will include a carrying bag. When you need to store it, you can fold the bounce house in the carrying bag and it is very convenient to carry.

6. Can this bounce house be set up on concrete?

Yes, you can place it on concrete but we recommended you should put a mat sheet under the bouncer.

7. Is it a good choice to give this inflatable castle to a child as a gift?

Yes. This bounce house is a great place for your child to release energy. It will be a perfect gift for birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year or any holiday season and kids will definitely love it.

8. How do you secure this when using it inside?

You don't have to stake it on the ground if you place it inside because there is no wind. But please make sure to place it on a flat ground.

9. Does it have any safety test?

Yes, all of the bouncy castles are satisfied with CPSC test and approved with a Children Product Certificate.

10. What is the warranty for the bounce house?

All of our products qualify for a 3 months after service and please contact us if you have any question.

11. Is the bounce house material thick and durable?

Yes, the material is thick and durable. The firm mesh around can also protect children from jumping and playing on the bounce house.

12. How to store the bouncy house, is it easy to carry when used outdoors?

The bounce house is easily deflated in 3 mins and folded to store in the carrying bag.

13. We have two dogs, medium size who love to play with the kids in the water. How durable is this material when it comes to dog nails?

Please <p><strong>don't</p> play with animals and it won't last long with dog nails.

14. How did you successfully dry it out for storage?

Yes. You have to drain it before storage. Please air dry and place under the sun for 2 days.

15. Can this be inflated by hand? With a bike pump?

No, the inflatable bouncer must be continuously inflated with the included air blower.

16. How long is the power cord on the air blower?

The power cord of the blower is 25ft long.

17. What type of electric line does this need? 110 or 220?

110V 60HZ.

18. How long is the blow hose?

The length of blow hose is 6.6ft.