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FAQs about Waterslides

1. Is it a good choice to give this inflatable castle to a child as a gift?

Yes. This bounce house is a great place for your child to
release energy. It will be a perfect gift for birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas
and New Year or any holiday season and kids will definitely love it.

2. Does it have any safety test?

Yes, all of the bouncy castles are satisfied
with CPSC test and approved with a Children Product Certificate.

3. What is the package includes?

The package
includes: water slide, air blower, water hose with spray, carrying bag, repair
patches, ground stakes for water slide & air blower and user manual.

4. It is easy to operate by one person?

Set up on flat grounded area, clear ground of any sharp objects, connect the air hose to the blower,
ensure the air house straight, turn on blower, inflated in around 1~3 mins depend on different product, install water house, finally secure using ground stakes. Party start.

5. How do you use repair patches?

You can sew the rip area with needle and thread using the repair patches in the box. Refer to repair instruction, please click to link: https://youtu.be/NLpBIhhP96M

6. Does the blower have to run continuously all the time during fun?

The air blower must be turn on and have a
continual airflow while kids are jumping on the bounce house.

7. What material is this water slide?

Our water slide made of high-strength oxford fabric with excellent sewing technology, with thick and huge climbing and sliding areas.

8. How flat does the ground have to be?

Place the water slide on a soft level ground surface at least 2M from any structure or obstruction such as a fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, laundry lines or electrical wires.

9. How to store the water slide, is it easy to carry?

Make sure the water slide is 100% dry prior to packing it away. Do not store your inflatable in a damp area. The package you receive will include a carrying bag. The water slide is easily deflated in 3 minutes, when you need to store it, you can fold
the water slide in the carrying bag and it is very convenient to carry.

10. What is the warranty for the water slide?

All of our products qualify for 3 months after service and please contact us if you have any question.

11.Can this be inflated by hand? With a bike pump?

No, the inflatable water slide must be continuously inflated with the
included air blower.

12. Is it safety when children playing on the water slide?

Yes, read the warnings and follow the instruction manual before using the water slide. Our water slide has high railings, strong mesh enclosure, and large supporting columns provide a steady base for more climbing and sliding fun.

13. Is it durable?

Always follow the instruction manual for set up & take down. Our materials are puncture-proof. Laminated Oxford Terylene commercial grade flooring gives more bouncing freedom so your
child can bounce high. We use a quality heavy duty material, PVC tarpaulin with polyester fabric reinforcement in key parts. The firm mesh around can also protect children from jumping and playing on the bounce house.

14. We heard some minor hissing sound from the seam, is that normal?

The product is designed to expel air through the stitching seam to avoid over-inflated due to the continual airflow inflation.

While playing with “Water Slide”, it is normal to see air bubbles rising from the pool floor. While playing with “Water Slide”, it is normal for some water to leak into the interior of the slide. It is important to dry any water inside prior to storing the slide.

15.Can I use your water slides for rental?

Our domestic water slides are not for commercial use. If used for
business, our warranty will not cover it.

16. How can I choose the most suitable jumping castle/water slide for my family?

You can start by checking out the
specifications (weight limit, materials) and features of our different models.
All of our bouncy house and
water slide range are of the finest-quality design, material
and workmanship.

17. What do I do if my jumping castle or inflatable has mold?

Mold is generally evident that the jumping castle or inflatable has not been dried thoroughly or it has been stored in a damp area. Try using warm soapy water and a splash of vinegar with a soft cloth.  Do not use harsh abrasive chemicals or scourers.  Do not use bleach or exit mould. This will stain and damage the item.