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Where to Buy A Bounce House: All Things You Need to Know

A bounce house, or inflatable jumpy house, is fun to keep kids entertained at birthday parties, baby showers, and other gatherings in your yard or the park. With fun features and low cost, many families want to purchase bouncy houses. However, buying a bounce house is a big decision, and it may take time to consider before making the final purchase.  This blog post will discuss where to buy a bounce house, and we will also offer tips on how to choose the right bounce house as per your needs. Whether you're looking for a small jumpy house for your child's birthday party or for a corporate event, this post will be helpful for you! 


Top 6 Considerations Before Buying a Bounce House

Before we discuss where to buy a bounce house, there are a few things you'll want to take into account.


  • Material

    Before you consider where to buy a bounce house, it is important to consider what material the bounce house is made from. An inflatable bouncy castle made of high-strength oxford fabric is recommended. The material is durable. Additionally, the fabric is weatherproof, making it ideal for use on any occasion. The material is also lead-free and safe for children to play on.

    material of bounce house


    • Ease of Setup

    Another important consideration is how easy the bounce house is to set up and take down. Some models require inflation with a pump, while others come with an electric air blower. Read the instructions carefully before making your bounce house purchase to ensure that you will be able to set up the bounce house easily. Also, remember that some models require constant supervision, while others have safety features that allow children to play unsupervised. Choose the piece that best fits your needs and preferences when considering where to buy a bounce house.


    • Size

    The next consideration is the size of the inflatable jumpy house. Bounce houses come in various sizes, so it is of significance to choose one that will be large enough for the number of children using it. If you have a large backyard or often host parties, you may want to choose a larger model. Conversely, if you have a smaller backyard, you may need to opt for a smaller bounce house. 

    different size of bounce house for kid


    • Safety Features

    When choosing an inflatable bounce house for sale, it is essential to consider safety features. Look for a model with well-sewn seams and reinforced stitching. Also, make sure that there are no sharp edges or exposed metal hardware. The best bounce houses also have netted windows and doorways to prevent children from falling out. Choose a model with as many safety features as possible to ensure your children can play safely.


    • Accessories

    Check to see if the bounce house comes with all the necessary bounce house accessories. Make sure the unit you choose has everything you need to set it up and take it down. This includes a blower to inflate the house, anchors to keep it in place, and a storage bag. Without these items, you'll be left scrambling come party day.


    • Support Service

    After-sales support is also a key consideration for where to buy a bounce house. When you purchase a bounce house, you want to enjoy it for many years. However, the bounce house will eventually need some repair and maintenance with constant use. A good supplier will offer after-sales support service to help you keep your bounce house in top condition. They will be able to advise on troubleshooting common problems and guide you through the repair process. In addition, they should also have a team of experienced technicians who can handle more complex issues. With a good after-sales support service, you can be sure your bounce house will last many years of fun.

    Where to Buy a Bounce House?

    So, there you have everything you need to consider before purchasing your own bounce house! With these factors in mind, you'll be able to make an informed decision that will leave both you and your kids happy. Have fun shopping around, and enjoy countless hours of bouncing fun once you find the perfect fit for your home!
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