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How to Choose the Bounce House Based on Size?

Children of all ages can spend countless hours amusing themselves in bounce houses, which also offer a secure and enjoyable place to play. Very infrequently—at birthday parties or the county fair, throwing a bounce house party can make kids have a blast. However, making kids have fun is choosing the bounce house with a suitable size that best fits your needs. 

Different Sizes of Bounce Houses

For toddlers and very small kids, there are exceptionally small bounce houses made to be entertaining and safe. However, the majority of bounce houses cater to a slightly older crowd. Since the bounce house comes in different sizes and has its own features, you should know the differences and select the best one.

know different size of bounce house

Regular-Size Bounce House

You can buy the bounce house in regular size if you want an easy-to-move bounce house, especially for indoors. 7' x 5' to 12' x 9' is the typical size range for bounce houses, which can accommodate about 2 to 3 children at a time. Regular bounce houses usually have a maximum weight limit of 90 to 250 pounds. 


Large-Size Bounce House


For any large events, a big bouncy castle, usually coming with a size of 15' x 11' and a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds, is more suitable for you. an eye-catching design, and a basketball hoop to amp things up. It is likely to keep kids entertained for hours with spacious jumping areas, slides, and a variety of designs, colors, and themes. 

How to Choose the Bounce House Based on Size?

You want to ensure that every family member will enjoy the bounce house you purchase. This indicates that choosing the right size is crucial when purchasing a bounce house. The number of kids playing in the bounce house and the weight limit should be your consideration to choose a bounce house. If you still have no idea, choosing a regular bounce house that can easily be geared to most scenarios never goes wrong. Also, you should pay attention to the specifications of the bouncy castle, including the weight limit and the number of kids allowed to play, as bounce houses from different brands may have some differences.


Combo Bounce House Can Add More Fun


You can purchase a combo bounce house to amuse yourself. Combination bounce houses provide a sizable jumping area with a basketball hoop, obstacle courses, climbing, and slides. There is a second basketball hoop outside the unit for even more fun. The hoops do not come with balls. It comes in a convenient package and will entertain kids of all ages for hours.


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