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Can I have a Bouncy Castle in Winter?

Bounce houses are popular inflatable toys for children. However, it is risky if kids play with an outdoor bounce house in the cold, especially in temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. At about 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the real trouble begins. Molecules constrict, making the vinyl itself more brittle and stiffer. Therefore, the vinyl of that inflatable runs the danger of cracking with each and every bounce.

But kids love to play and can get bored in the house. So, what should you do? You must find out the best possible alternatives in such cases. In winter, it can be difficult to keep kids entertained indoors. They may be restless and antsy, wanting to go outside and play in the snow. However, if you have an indoor bouncy castle in winter, they can still enjoy themselves while staying warm inside. This is a great way to avoid any issues that may arise from being outdoors in the cold weather.

can I have bouncy castle in winter

Winter Bounce House Alternatives: Why Are They Best in Winter? 

Outdoor inflatable bounce houses in winter might be dangerous for kids, but indoor bounce houses can be used in winter, proving the best winter bounce house alternatives. There are many reasons why indoor bounce houses are best in winter, one of which is that they provide a great way to keep kids active when it is too cold to go outside. Also, throwing an indoor bounce house party in winter is a great way to entertain kids when they are stuck indoors. And finally, indoor bouncy castles are a great way to burn off excess energy during winter.

Fun Activities Kids Can Play with a Bouncy Castle in Winter

You can let your children do many fun activities in an indoor bouncy castle in winter. Below are some games to play in a bounce house.

Get the Flag

Give each team a different color and split the kids into two groups. Team members must attempt to seize streamers from opponents' teammates in order to seize their flag. The team that receives the most flags is the winner. Put this beloved playground game inside one of Action Air’s bounce houses for even more fun! As you watch the children bounce around and try to grab each other's streamers, you will chuckle. 

Dodge Ball Game

In your own window or your neighbor's yard, say hello to the new dodgeball. There is much less chance for something to break when playing dodgeball inside an inflatable bounce house! When someone is hit by a dodgeball, they are eliminated and must leave the bounce house, just like in the actual game. The bouncy castle winner is the last child standing. If you want to buy an indoor residential bounce house in winter, there are many bounce house dimensions that need to be considered; please check how to choose a bounce house.

Get a Bouncy Castle in Winter from Action Air

Action Air bounce houses are great toys for indoor games. They are made of commercial-grade material, making them more durable than regular backyard bounce houses. Also, setting up and taking down indoor bounce houses from Action Air is easy. Buy Action Air bounce houses for indoor games, and doing exercise is not a daunting task for your kids in winter. There are many indoor bounce houses on our list that you can buy and let your kids have fun indoors. Now, we have Christmas deals and discounts for new registered members. If you want to get a bouncy castle in winter at a discounted price, contact us now!