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Winter Bounce House: Can Kids Safely Enjoy Inflatable Fun in Cold Weather

As temperatures drop and winter sets in, parents often wonder if it's possible to have a bouncy castle or bounce house during this chilly season. Bounce houses are beloved inflatable toys that provide endless entertainment for children, but using them outdoors in the cold can pose risks. In this article, we will explore the feasibility of having a winter bounce house and discuss how you can keep your little ones happily entertained indoors during the frosty months.

 can I have bouncy castle in winter


Explore Winter Bounce House Alternatives

When the mercury dips below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, outdoor inflatable bounce houses face a new set of challenges. The cold weather causes the molecules to constrict. Each bounce makes it more brittle and prone to cracking.


While outdoor bounce houses may be less suitable for winter use, indoor bounce houses offer a safe and enjoyable alternative for cold-weather playtime. These indoor inflatable structures allow children to experience the thrill of bouncing and jumping while remaining warm and cozy indoors. They provide a fantastic way to keep kids active and entertained during winter when going outside may not be feasible.


Indoor Bounce House Games for Winter Fun

Stuck indoors during winter? Fear not! A winter bounce house provides a fantastic opportunity for children to engage in exciting games and activities. Check out these thrilling bounce house games during the colder months.


Get the Flag

Give each team a different color and split the kids into two groups. Team members must attempt to seize streamers from opponents' teammates to seize their flag. The team that receives the most flags is the winner. Put this beloved playground game inside one of Action Air’s bounce houses for even more fun! You will chuckle as the children bounce around and try to grab each other's streamers. 


Dodge Ball Game

Say hello to the new dodgeball in your window or your neighbor's yard. There is much less chance for something to break when playing dodgeball inside a winter bounce house! When a dodgeball hits someone, they are eliminated and must leave the bounce house, just like in the actual game. The bouncy castle winner is the last child standing. 


Choose the Perfect Winter Bounce House

If you're considering purchasing a residential bounce house for winter use, it's important to choose the right one for your needs. Factors such as size, durability, and safety features should be taken into account. Learn valuable tips on selecting the perfect bounce house that will provide endless winter enjoyment for your little ones. For more tips, please check how to choose a bounce house.


Make a Winter Bouncy Castle Purchase from Action Air

Action Air bounce houses are great for indoor games. They are made of commercial-grade material, making them more durable than regular backyard bounce houses. Also, setting up and removing indoor bounce houses from Action Air is easy. Buy a wet dry combo bounce house from Action Air bounce houses for indoor games, and exercising is not daunting for your kids in winter. There are many indoor bounce houses for toddlers on our list that you can buy and let your kids have fun indoors. Contact us today to bring the joy of a winter bounce house into your home during the colder months!