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What You Should Know Before Buying an Inflatable Bounce Houses or Water Slides

You can't fail to notice an Inflatable bounce house & water slide when making presents for the kids. The inflatable structure is part of the entertainment. It gives exciting exercise to kids of all ages, including teenagers. In addition to that, they can enjoy games and food right on the lawn with friends. A bounce house is also safe for little ones, unlike exposed areas.

Besides that, both bounce houses and water slides are available in different colors, sizes, and shapes, which are easier for you to find the perfect one matching your need. Whether you need a compact inflatable to fit tiny spaces like indoors or a water slide outdoors, the options are endless. Let's look at things you need to know before buying one.


Types of Inflatable Bounce House

Only dry use: this bounce house has no pool; instead, it features an inflatable wall. Only dry use structure is straightforward and can be used anywhere.

Only wet use: this bounce house allows one to use water guns, water spray, and sprinkler. It is shipped with a water hose. At the same time, it is equipped with water slides; Children can slide toward the pool;. Enjoy the fun of water play!

Both wet and dry use: it comes with a splash pool making it ideal for warmer seasons. Besides that, you can remove the splash pool and use it dry during colder seasons. Most people prefer this bounce house due to the versatility it brings.

action air shark theme water slide

5 Important Considerations Before Buying

Safety ratings: safety comes first. As kids jump, crawl, climb, and slide, they may get injuries if the bouncer is not safe. The number of inflatable bouncer injuries rose 1,500 percent from 1995 to 2010, especially for commercial bounce houses. It would help if you chose equipment that is made carefully for maximum safety. So it would help if you choose reliable bouncers brands.


The quality of the material used: the type of material used will determine the quality of the bounce house. A good bounce house should have heavy-duty puncture-proof material. It should also be well stitched for durability. It makes the inflatable durable and safe for users to climb around for hours.


Bounce house cost: purchase an affordable bouncer but don't compromise quality. The inflatables are available in various sizes with different costs. Therefore, you will always find one that suits your budget and needs. How to find the best price? You can search the brand’s official website or Facebook. Maybe there are some promotions and coupons.


Consider your physique: determine the capacity it supports, height, age, and weight. When you buy a jumping house, you want everyone in your family to enjoy it. So make sure that the oldest child in your family will have plenty of room in the bouncing house and will continue to have it even after a couple of years of growth. Therefore, please note the product specifications.


Warranty: warranty is important to a customer. It ensures product quality. A reputable company will accept repairs and replace the faulty part.


Where to Buy Bounce Houses & Water Slides

An inflatable bounce house & water slide is a good investment if you have energetic kids. The most important part is buying quality equipment from a reputable manufacturer. Action Air develops millions of bounce houses to allow kids to have their private park. We aim to make products that stimulate children's creative, social, and emotional development. We offer quality inflatables at a discount. Action Air official website has been launched! Saving up to $120 for water slides. And all the products are for free US shipping. For affordable bounce house, check our website at ActionAirglobal.


For more information about purchasing a bounce house, please check Where to Purchase a Bounce House: Comprehensive Information You Should Be Aware Of.


Action Air Bounce House Jumping Castle With Slide

The inflatable structure has a castle style. It also features a large slide, a big jumping area, a fun light-up, a music toy, a storage net, and a dart target. In addition to enjoying jumping, prepare for a dart game with friends. It is ideal for any weather; hence you can keep it indoors or outdoors. The bouncy castle package includes Bounce House, blower, carry bag, stakes, patch kit, and instruction. You can inflate it right away in 3 minutes through the blower, which is easy to take down as well. Allows children to get bouncing happiness anywhere quickly. Click here to view Jumping Castle With Slide.

Action Air Inflatable Water Slide, Shark Theme Water Pool, and Water Cannon

The dry or wet water park has an ocean style to give children a memorable experience. The water slide features a water cannon, a large slide, tunnels, a climbing wall, and a toss ring. Moreover, it has space for climbing, sliding, crawling, and playing water games. It only takes 3 minutes to fully inflate through the fan. In addition, with the double sprinkler head, children can immerse themselves in the water world of the happy ocean while enjoying the shark slide. Click here to view the cartoon shark inflatable water slide. This is the star product of Action air.