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Trampoline vs Bounce House: Which is the Better Choice for Kids' Playtime

Regarding outdoor play equipment for children, a trampoline vs. bounce house is among the most popular options. Not only are they fun and provide great exercise, but they also offer a great way for kids to spend time outdoors. In this article, we'll compare the trampoline vs. bounce house and help you determine which option is better for your child's playtime while also discussing safety precautions you can take to ensure your child's safety.

Outdoor Party Inflatables: Trampoline vs. Bounce House

Trampoline and bounce house are both popular jumping equipment for children. When buying one, many factors must be considered. The following aspects are compared to determine the ultimate outdoor play equipment for kids.


1. Bounce House Material vs. Trampoline Material

The material is the first key difference between a trampoline and a bounce house. Reliable bounce houses are inflatable structures made with heavy-duty PVC or similar materials to be safer for kids. On the other hand, trampolines are typically made of metal, which could be considered a safety hazard.


2. Bounce House vs. Trampoline Safety

An outdoor bounce house is fully inflated and features safety walls, a roof, and nets to ensure safety. On the other hand, a trampoline doesn’t feature strong safety walls or a roof. So, regarding safety features, bounce houses are a better choice.


3. Trampoline vs. Bounce House Capacity

A trampoline is designed to accommodate one user or two at a time. On the other hand, an outdoor bounce house can accommodate multiple users simultaneously, making it ideal for parties.


4. Trampoline vs. Bounce House Support System

Trampoline and bounce houses require sturdy support systems to ensure safety and prevent injuries. However, the support system of a bounce house is primarily based on the continuous flow of air from a blower, while the support system of a trampoline is based on a frame and springs. Choosing the right equipment that meets the safety standards and requirements for the children's age and weight is important.


The above comparison makes it easy to conclude that backyard bouncy castles are ideal for kids’ playtime.

Safety Rules for Playing in an Outdoor Jump House or Trampoline

No matter which source of fun and exercise you choose for kids, precautions should be taken to ensure kids’ safety. Here are some trampoline and bounce house rules and safety guidelines you should follow:


  1. Adult Supervision

Always supervise kids when they use a trampoline vs. bounce house. Parents should:

  • Act as a supervisor for the jumper(s).
  • Prevent kids from doing flips or somersaults.
  • Instruct them to jump into the center area and avoid the edge.
  • Stop them if they jump uncontrollably or jump too high.

2.Limiting the Number of Users

Never allow more than two kids to use it if it's a trampoline. Bounce houses can accommodate multiple users, but you should limit the number of users depending on the size/weight restrictions of the equipment to ensure they are not overcrowded.


3. Following Age Restrictions

The use of both bounce houses and trampolines is not appropriate for kids of all ages. That’s why following age restrictions is crucial. You should make sure that:

  • Small kids, including toddlers under 3, never use this equipment.
  • Children ages 3-10 are supervised at all times.

For information about bounce house age, please read Bounce House Age Guidelines: Your Comprehensive Resource.


4. Proper Maintenance of Outdoor Inflatables

The maintenance of an outdoor bounce house or trampoline should be prioritized to ensure kids’ safety. The following are some maintenance tasks you should focus on:

  • Securely anchor the trampoline/bounce house and place mats around the entrance and anywhere else a child could fall.
  • Remove debris, water, leaves, etc., from the equipment before use.
  • Cover the hazardous area of the equipment with protective safety pads.
  • Check the outdoor bounce house or trampoline for broken fixtures or tears before every use.
  • Remove objects underneath the bounce house or trampoline
  • Replace any damaged netting, padding, and fixture if needed
bounce house safety rules


Where to Get An Outdoor Party Inflatable


Overall, bounce houses are the best choice for children’s play regarding comparing a trampoline vs. bounce house. To ensure maximum safety for kids, it is recommended that you buy the outdoor bounce house and other inflatable units from a seasoned manufacturer that supplies certified products and prioritizes bounce house safety by using quality materials, safe designs, and more. The reputed brand  Action Air fulfills all these criteria.

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