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Top 8 Bouncy House Rules to Ensure Your Kids’ Safety

From burning off energy to providing hours of outdoor fun, backyard bounce houses are a great way to get the family together outside. However, it is essential to remember that children may get injured while playing in bounce houses without following bouncy house rules. Parents may worry about kids’ safety when they try something fun and exciting, so here we will discuss whether bounce houses are safe and the best bouncy house rules to help your children fully appreciate the fun.

Are Bounce Houses Safe?

Are bounce houses safe? This is a question frequently asked by people who want to buy a bounce house. Reliable bounce houses are made of durable materials, such as heavy PVC, nylon, or polyester oxford, which can last a long time and help kids enjoy the fun safely. Plus, if children follow appropriate bouncy house rules, bounce houses are safe for kids ranging from 3 to 10. 

Top 8 Bounce House Rules to Avoid Kids’ Injuries

Reliable bounce houses are safe for kids. However, it is also important to take safety precautions before letting kids play in the backyard bounce house. Here are some bounce house safety rules you should be aware of to help ensure your kids stay safe while enjoying backyard fun.

  • When setting up a backyard bounce house, use it on the grass. Never use the inflatable on uneven surfaces.

  • Secure the bounce house with stakes properly, which is one of the most important bouncy house rules to ensure kids’ safety. You can secure your bounce house with stakes hammered correctly and completely into the grass. For more details, please read: how to blow up bounce houses.

  • Never allow kids to go inside the bounce house in extreme weather, such as rainy or windy, as it may cause injuries.

  • The bounce house air blower should always be on when using the bounce house. Remember to ask adults to operate the blower for a bounce house as kids under 18 may face the danger of electric shock without appropriate operation.

  • Keep an eye on children playing in the backyard bounce house at all times, and ensure at least one adult is present for supervision. 

  • Use residential bounce houses for domestic purposes and not for renting or commercial use.

  • Don’t allow toddlers under three years to use bounce houses as they may swallow tiny parts, and they can’t  keep a balance when bouncing in the bounce house.


  • The number and weight of kids must also be factored in bouncy house rules. Ensure that it does not exceed the manufacturer's recommended weight limit. Overloading a bounce house can cause it to become unstable and increase the chance of injury. 

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To ensure kids’ safety when they have fun in a bounce house, it’s vital to purchase a high-quality bounce house and follow the abovementioned bouncy house rules. If you are looking for safe and fun backyard entertainment for your children, Action Air is highly recommended. We provide bounce houses with water slides for sale with premium commercial-grade materials at an affordable price. As we adhere to safety standards in its manufacturing process and provide professional using suggestions service, you can have peace of mind when using our products.


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